Changing Settings

To perform the following actions, use the Options menu:

  • Changing Axis Settings
  • Changing View Settings
  • Changing Object Settings
  • Changing Color Settings for Object Elements

These functions are described in the following sections.

Changing Axis Settings

An SAP Portfolio Graphic contains objects, which are usually identified by the following values:

  • Value on the X axis (Example: Relative market share)
  • Value on the Y axis (Example: Growth in %)
  • Value for the object size (Example: Sales)
  • Value for arrow on the X axis (Trend value)
  • Value for arrow on the Y axis (Trend value)

The values of these portfolio categories are defined in a data table in different columns. For each object, you can define further columns (categories) with values. Examples are X and Y values for trends (trend arrows in the graphic). You can define any number of columns with values.

To change the axis settings, choose the function Axis options. You will see a pop-up window, where you assign value columns (portfolio categories) to the X and Y axis. You can also change the color settings.

Changing View Settings

To change the settings for frame, axis and objects, choose the function View options. You will see a pop-up window, where you can change the following settings:

  • Frame Options
    • Display grid lines
    • Display shadow lines
    • Display background color
  • Axis Options
    • Display axis title
    • Display shadow lines
    • Display colors
  • Objects Options
    • Hide object titles
    • Cut objects at frame border
    • Hide trend arrows

Changing Object Settings

This function is not currently available.

Changing Color Settings for Object Elements

To assign different colors to the elements (segments or bars) within the objects, choose the function Color assignment.

A pop-up window appears containing a list of object elements and a color selection menu. To assign colors to an element, click on that element and choose the color you want in the color selection menu.

For details of how to change the filling color (background color), line color, text color or arrow color of an object, please refer to the section "Modifying objects" above.