Changing the Dimension Order

Select Options ® 3D options to call up the 3D Options dialog window.

The Dimension order option allows you to reassign the dimensions in your data to new positions in the graph. These positions are:

  • Rows: the axis to the left side of the 3D frame floor
  • Columns: the axis to the right side of the 3D frame floor
  • Pages: the "invisible" axis. The page currently displayed appears as the last item in the graph title.

This means, for example, that you could assign the objects normally laid out along the left axis (the Rows position) to the right axis (the Columns position). If your input data contains multiple pages, you could also assign the items in the Pages position to the right or left axis.

You use this option by re-ordering the entries in the Dimension order entry-list. That is, you move the dimension listed in one position to a different position.

For example, to swap the rows and the pages, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on the entry in the Rows position and hold the mouse button down. (This action does not highlight the entry, as you might expect.)
  2. Drag the mouse cursor over to the Pages position. When you begin to drag, the cursor changes to the hourglass icon, and moves with you.
  3. Release the mouse button. The hourglass icon returns to a cursor shape, and the rows and pages have swapped positions: both in the option entry-list and in the 3D graph.

As a result of using the Dimension order option:

  • The 3D image has either reversed the position of the row and column labels, or one axis contains a different set of labels altogether (as shown by the text displayed along the right and left axis).
  • The 2D image may also be rearranged, since the contents of the 2D image depends on the contents of the 3D image at any given time.
  • If you swap the Columns entry in the list with any other, subtitles in the graph's main title also change.