Stacked Horizontal Bars Graph

The Stacked horiz. bars option (stacked horizontal bars) is the same as Stacked vertical bars, except that the bars extend horizontally across the display, instead of vertically.

The stacks are not cumulative: each section represents a completely separate value. Thus, sections farther right in the stack should not be viewed as including sections to the left.

The Stacked horiz. bars option is an alternative to plain Horizontal bars when a 2D graph is already in side-by-side format. Values normally presented side-by-side are stacked next to one another (left to right).

If a 2D graph is not already in a stacked or side-by-side formation, there is no difference between this graph type and Horizontal bars.

Just as for the Stacked vertical bars, negative values not are allowed.

Select Options ® 2D options to call up the 2D Options dialog window and choose the graph type. You can set the width of the bars using the Bar/column width indicator.