Getting Started

This section provides a quick introduction to using SAP Business Graphics so you can enter the program and start exploring the system for yourself.

It contains the following topics:

Switching Between Graphics Views
From the Goto menu, you can choose one of the following views: Selection view, 2D View, 3D View, and Groups view.

Selecting Parts of the Input Data for Display
In the selection view, you can use the
Selection Bars to choose the part of the 3D graph you want to display in a 2D graph.

Formatting Graphs
The Options menu provides you with four different functions for formatting your graphs: Global options, 2D options, 3D options and Color assignment.

Mailing a Graphic

Printing a Graphic

Exiting from SAP Graphics

On Apple frontends, a number of alternative and additional options are available for SAP Graphics. For more information, see the following topic:
Special Features on Apple Frontends