Simplified Job Scheduling


Simplified job scheduling provides you with the parameters of report RSCONN01 (which you can use to start send processes) on the user interface, thereby simplifying handling. 


To use simplified job scheduling to create a background job for the send process, proceed as follows:


       1.      Call transaction SCOT and choose Settings  ® Send Jobs or the job symbol from the toolbar.

       2.      Choose Schedule Job.

You are given a menu for the different address types (FAX, INT and so on). You use this to preselect the job name and the standard variant delivered by SAP that are to serve as a template for the job. You can still change these values in the subsequent dialog box Send Job: Select Variant.

       3.      If required, adjust the job values or variant values in the dialog box Send Job: Select Variant.

If individual parameters of the selected variant are changed, a prompt appears after confirming the changes, asking you to save the variant. Here you can still change the variant name, which creates a new variant with this name.

The values in the Job Values group box always depend on the variant chosen above. If you change the values here, you also have to save a new variant for them.


Since simplified job scheduling displays the parameters on the user interface, it is particularly suitable for jobs that require many parameters for control, such as parallelizing the send process. For a description of the parameters, see Parallelizing Send Processes.