Simplified Job Overview


The simplified job overview gives you a quick overview of scheduled send jobs. The view shows you each scheduled job, together with its address type, period, planned start, number of work processes, server group and status.


You can find the more detailed extended job overview by choosing View ® Jobs. For information about the extended job overview, see Views in SAPconnect Administration.


To display this simplified view, call transaction SCOT and choose Settings ® Send Jobs or choose the job symbol from the toolbar.


The simplified job overview provides you with the following main features:

 Job Overview (SM37)

Takes you from the selected send job to job overview (transaction SM37). This is where you can change job parameters.

 Delete Job

Deletes the selected send job. If multiple send jobs with the same job name have been scheduled and the job list is no longer up to date (meaning at least one of these jobs has run in the meantime), it may happen that the selected send job can no longer be uniquely assigned. This is indicated through an information message. The display is refreshed. Try to delete the job again.

 Update Display

Refreshes the display. The data (for example, next start) is updated.

 Schedule Job

Takes you to the simplified job scheduling. This displays the parameters of job scheduling report RSCONN01 on the user interface, thereby simplifying handling. 

 Display Job Details

Displays the same dialog for the selected send job as when scheduling a send job, just with fields that are not ready for input.