Alert Monitor for SAPconnect and SAPphone


The communication environment of SAPconnect and SAPphone is connected to the alert monitor of the Computing Center Management System (CCMS). As a result, monitoring of the external components for external communication and for telephony is integrated into the central monitoring landscape of the SAP system. The tools available in the CCMS can be used for the SAPconnect and SAPphone components.

The connection enables you to gain an overview of the operating statuses of your external communication components. The statuses are queried at regular intervals defined by you. Critical system statuses (alerts) are highlighted so that they can be easily recognized.

In the case of SAPconnect, the messages that are to be sent, which are still in the queue of an external communication system, are also displayed for each communication method. You can change the default threshold values that, when exceeded, cause alerts to be triggered and, in this way, adapt them to the conditions of your communication environment.

Information on the alert monitor can be found in the documentation on the Computing Center Management System.


For information on the monitoring architecture in the alert monitor, see The Monitoring Architecture: Concept.

The SAP Business Communication monitor set is supplied with the alert monitor for the monitoring of the SAPconnect and SAPphone environment. The SAPconnect and SAPphone monitors are both assigned to this monitor set. The SAPconnect and SAPphone data collection methods are also both supplied. These methods, which are to be scheduled periodically, query the current operating status of the external communication components and store the results. In the case of SAPconnect, the number of waiting, outgoing messages is also queried. You can access the results of the data collection methods from both the monitors. Current results and open alerts are displayed in a structured way.

You can change the standard monitoring functions. You can adjust the view of the results to suit your needs by changing the existing monitors or creating new monitors. The SAPconnect monitor allows you to define threshold values for the number of waiting, outgoing messages that, when exceeded, cause alerts to be triggered. No analysis methods or auto-reaction methods are assigned to the SAPconnect and SAPphone monitors. You can, however, add your own methods if required. For example, you can add auto-reaction methods, which are started if the threshold value for waiting faxes that is defined as a problem is exceeded.


The external communication systems must support the data collection methods of the SAP Business Communication monitor set. This is the case for all certified telephony servers in the SAPphone environment. See the documentation for the communication systems used in the SAPconnect environment.


Using the Standard Monitors

You have to make some settings before you can use the monitors for SAPconnect and SAPphone. You can access the monitors of the SAP Business Communication Monitor Set directly from SAPconnect or SAPphone administration. There choose Utilities ® Alert monitor ® Display, specify a monitor and choose .

You can also call both the monitors directly in the central alert monitor display. To do this, choose Administration ® CCMS ® Control/Monitoring ® Alert Monitor (transaction RZ20)in the initial menu. The SAPconnect and SAPphone monitors can be found in the following places:

CCMS Monitor Sets

 ® SAP Business Communication

 ® SAPconnect

 ® SAPphone

 ® SAP CCMS Monitor Templates

 ® Communications

 ® SAPconnect

 ® SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitor

 ® Monitor All Monitoring Contexts

 ® SAP Business Communication...

 ® Own monitor sets ...

Adapting monitors and methods

See Adapting Monitoring in the Alert Monitor.