Testing Routing


You can use this test to check whether routing for outgoing messages runs correctly in your communications environment. The test provides information on how the appropriate node is determined using the recipient address you specified and whether fax and paging numbers are converted according to the rules for recipient number adjustment.


  1. Choose Utilities ® Routing test.
  2. Specify a user name as the sender. Your user name is the default setting.
  3. Specify a recipient address and the relevant address type.
  4. Choose .

    In the Outbound node and address frame, the node responsible for the specified recipient address and the format into which the recipient address was converted are displayed. If no node is found, you receive an error message.

  5. Choose .

You receive a description of how the address was checked, how the node was determined, and whether the recipient address was converted into an external format. If an error occurs, the reason for the error and the step in which it occurred are displayed.