Scheduling the Data Collection Method


The data collection method has to have been started once manually.


  1. Call the required monitor (SAPphone or SAPconnect).
  2. Choose .

    The monitor tree is expanded.

  3. Position the cursor on a node or a telephony server.

    The node and server are located on the lowest level of the monitor tree. You can also schedule the method on higher-level nodes (for example, a client or the monitor). However, this has no effect on the lower-level nodes!

  4. Choose Attributes.
  5. Choose .

    You receive notification that the values of the MTE class will be changed.

  6. Choose .
  7. On the tab page Methods in the field Start data collection method every..., specify how long the interval between automatic starts of the method is to be. The length is specified in seconds.
  8. Choose .


The data collection method (SAPconnect or SAPphone) is scheduled. If you want to schedule the other method as well, repeat the procedure for this method.