Sending Business Objects Over the Internet


Users can send business objects over the Internet. The recipient can access the business object using an Internet connection.


Besides the prerequisites for external sending using the communication method INT, the following prerequisites also have to be fulfilled:

  • An Internet Transaction Server (ITS) with the packet for the SAP GUI for HTML ( has to be set up for the logical system (combination of SAP System and client).
  • A suitable format for the communication method Internet has to be set for the node to be used to send the business objects.
  • The recipient has to be a user in the SAP System and have authorization for the default method of the business object.


You can test the function in the Business Workplace (transaction SBWP) or with generic object services (System ® Services for object), for example. When the Internet recipient calls the message, the SAP GUI for HTML is started and the default method of the business object (mostly Display) is called.