Displaying the MIME Version


If you want to use the context menu to display the MIME version in the document display, for example in the Business Workplace, the message No additional information available is displayed. This message also appears if the document was sent to the system by SMTP. The reason for this is that, as of SAP Web AS Release 6.20 Patch 34 or Release. 6.40, the MIME version of a document is no longer stored due to performance reasons, and therefore cannot be displayed.


If you want the MIME version to be displayed for troubleshooting, or if you simply want to have the version available in general, proceed as follows:

       1.      Import the corrections that are included in Patch SAPKB64002 (for Release 6.40).

You can find up to date information about this in the SAP Service Marketplace, SAP Note 706328.

       2.      Call transaction SE38 and call report RSCONN06. Change the settings as required.