Send Processes


A send process reads the messages that are to be sent from the SAPconnect queue, determines the appropriate nodes, and transfers the messages to the external communication systems. Messages are, therefore, only sent externally if regular send processes are scheduled.

The send processes are scheduled as regular background jobs. For test purposes, you can also start a send process in dialog. You can restrict a send process to one or more communication methods or you can schedule a send process for all communication methods.

If you are using the SMTP plug-in but have not activated it on all application servers, you have to let the send process run as a background job on the application servers on which it is activated.


Two options are available for scheduling send processes:

·        In SAP job maintenance

In this case, you create jobs that start the ABAP program RSCONN01 with the requested variant and at the requested time as a background job. For more information on scheduling background jobs, see the documentation: Computing Center Management System.

·        directly in SAPconnect administration as a background job or in dialog mode.