Adapting Monitoring in the Alert Monitor


You can adapt monitoring in the alert monitor to suit the requirements of your communication environment.


Defining Threshold Values for Alerts

For the SAPconnect data collection method, you can define threshold values for the number of waiting, outgoing messages that, when exceeded, cause alerts to be triggered. Proceed as described in Changing Properties and Maintaining Methods. The procedure for assigning a monitor its own analysis tool or auto-reaction tool is also described there.

Restricting the Data Collection Methods

You can restrict the data collection methods to certain clients. Proceed as described in Restricting the Data Collection Method.

Creating Your Own Monitors

You can either change the standard monitors or create a new rules-based monitor. Proceed as described in Creating and Changing Monitors. Note that you can only access a monitor that you have created directly from SAPconnect and SAPphone administration, if you assign the monitor to the SAP Business Communication monitor set.