Send Requests Overview


The send requests overview (transaction SOST) enables you to display and manage all messages sent using SAPconnect.


Depending on the selection criteria chosen, the program displays send requests that are sent or have already been sent using SAPconnect. A variety of selection and display options are available to you.

For more detailed information about using the send requests overview, see the program documentation in transaction SOST. To do this, call transaction SOST and choose the info button  or choose Help ® Application Help. 

If a user is only allowed to select send requests of certain users or groups, you can use transaction SOSG for this. This transaction is the same as transaction SOST, however it also performs additional authorization checks. To be able to use this transaction, a user must not have ADMINISTRATOR authorization in authorization object S_OC_ROLE. Authorization to select users or groups in transaction SOSG is controlled through authorization object S_OC_SOSG. For more information, see the documentation for this authorization object. In transaction SOSG, using input help for the Sender field displays only those users or groups for which the current user has display authorization.