Default Domain


You can specify a default domain to enable documents to be sent externally from and to users or business objects to which no Internet address is assigned. When Internet messages are sent, the system checks whether the sender has an Internet address. If the sender does not have an Internet address

  • and a default domain does not exist, the send process is not started.
  • but a default domain exists, an Internet address is created automatically from the user name or object ID and this domain.

The default domain can be used, for example, when a work item agent sends a mail over the Internet to another person. The reply is then sent back to the work item and appended to it as an attachment. As a result, every other agent of this work item has access to this information.

If you use the SMTP plug-in, you have to create a default domain, even if all users have Internet addresses.


  1. In SAPconnect administration, choose Settings ® Default domain.
  2. Specify a default domain.

If, for example, you specify, the sender address is created for the user testuser, to whom no Internet address is assigned in address management, when an Internet message is sent.

  1. Choose .