select objects in the graphics function

Determining the selection type

You can specify the selection type with Settings ® Select (type): with border, inverted, pick-marked, with color.


Selecting/deselecting within a graphic



To select 1 object

Click on the object with the left mouse button.

To select/deselect several objects

Holding the SHIFT button pressed down, click on the objects one after another with the left mouse button.

To select all objects in the graphic

Select Edit ® Select ® Select all.

To select the environment, i.e. the direct predecessors and successors of an object (linked via relationship or generalization/specialization) and the object itself are to be selected

First select the object or objects whose environment is to be selected. Then select Edit ® Select ® Select environment.

To select the complement (the complement set of the previously selected entity types is selected)

First select the objects whose complement is to be selected. Then select Edit ® Select ® Select complement.

To deselect all objects

Select Edit ® Select ® Deselect all. Alternatively, you can click on a 'free area' outside all the models.