change the section of the screen displayed in the graphics function

Zoom function

Choose View ® Zoom in to enlarge the objects displayed on the screen.

Choose View ® Zoom out to reduce the size of the objects displayed on the screen.

Choose View ® Complete view to zoom out until the complete graphic is displayed. All objects in the graphic are now visible.

You can also change the value entered in the zoom field in the toolbar using the arrows to the right of the zoom field. You can also simply overwrite the value displayed with another value and confirm the new value with ENTER .

Selecting a section

If you press the Control key and hold down the left mouse button, you can draw a frame around the section of the graphic you require in the graphics display area. When you release the mouse button, this section will be displayed in the display area.

Centering on selected objects

Select one or more entity types and select View ® Center on sel. obj. The section containing the selected entity types is then shown in the display area.


Select Edit ® Find to display a dialog box containing a list of search texts. If you click on one of the texts, the displayed section of the graphic is shifted so that the relevant entity type is located in the section.

You can also enter a search pattern in the dialog box. Confirm your entry by pressing ENTER so that the list in the dialog box is updated to correspond to the search pattern.