create a data model

Proceed as follows to create a new data model:

  1. In the Data Modeler: Initial Screen enter a (unique) name for the new data model in the field Modeling object.

    Naming conventions:

    Data model names may only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores.

  2. Select Data model under Selection.
  3. Click on Create.
  4. Specify the attributes for the data model in the screen Create Data Model: Definition:

    · Short text (mandatory)

    · Category

    · Graphics information:

    You can define here the color you wish your data model to have in the graphics. A list of available colors can be displayed with F4.

    · References

    · Definition:

    You can access the text editor by clicking on Editor or by double-clicking on the definition text. You can enter more detailed definitions here.

  5. Save the data model and make the relevant entries in the dialog box Maintain Object Catalog Entry (under Development class or as Local object) and in the dialog box of the Workbench Organizer.

If you wish to insert the data model into the hierarchy and/or wish to assign the relevant entity types/data models, you must access the hierarchy.

To assign the new data model to another data model, you have to access the corresponding data model of the higher level. You can access the hierarchy from the definition of the higher-level data model and insert the new data model in this model.

Select Hierarchy to access the screen Change Data Model: Hierarchy.