create the definition of an entity type

  1. In the Data Modeler: Initial Screen enter a (unique) name for the new entity type in the entry field Modeling object.

    Naming conventions:

    Entity type names can consist of letters, figures, and underscores in any given sequence. The first eight characters of an entity type name should not be the same as those of another entity type, since this would mean that the default view name Z_<entity type name (eight characters)> could not be used for Dictionary assignment,(within SAP, the default view name is U_<entity type name (eight characters)>).

  2. Select Entity type under Selection.
  3. Click on Create.
  4. Specify the attributes for the entity type in the screen Create Entity Type: Definition.

    · Enter the short text. This is a required entry.

    If you are not sure whether the entity which you want to create already exists in the system, before saving you can search for entity types with similar short texts using Edit ® Find similar ent..

    · Under Category specify which Time unit applies (pressing F4 displays a list of possible time units).

    · Select the appropriate code under Customizing.

    · Enter the definition of the entity type.

    If you press ENTER when creating the definition, a link (&IM<entity type ID>) is transferred automatically to the entity type short text.

    In display mode this link is replaced automatically by the short text.

    In maintain mode the default settings for the links are displayed. With Edit

    Short text on<->off, you can display or suppress display of the short texts.

    After saving your entries, press Editor and the text editor is displayed. You can enter more detailed definitions here.

    You cannot make any entries under Assigned table/views.

  5. Save the entity type and make the appropriate entries in the dialog box Maintain Object Catalog Entry (under Development class or as Local object) and in the dialog box of the Workbench Organizer.