search for objects with the Repository Information System

Call the relevant selection screen in the ABAP/4 Repository Information System.

The standard selections for the object class in question are displayed. The maximum number of hits to be selected is also shown. These values are preset in your user settings.

If you wish to display all the objects from a particular object class, enter * in the first search field on the first line. Then select the menu options Program ® Execute. A list corresponding to your selection will be output.

If you wish to search via fields that are not included in the standard selections, you can display all available selections for a particular object class. To do so, choose All selections. The additional selection options are now displayed underneath the standard selections.

To search for objects with particular attributes, you have to make the relevant entries in the search fields provided. The way in which these entries are analyzed is determined via the arrow pushbutton next to the input field.

You can search for single values or for ranges of values. If you want to search for an object with a specific attribute, it is sufficient to enter this attribute.

If you wish to search for all data models with names starting with U, it is sufficient to enter U* in the field Data model. The option Pattrn is then selected automatically.

If you wish to search for all data models whose names start with a letter before U in the alphabet and after X, on the line Data model you must enter U in the first field and press the arrow pushbutton. A dialog box appears. In the second field, enter X. Position the cursor on each field and click on Options. Select the relevant search criteria and start the search.