navigate in the Business Object Repository

  1. Switch to the definition screen of your data model.
  2. Select Goto ® Object type

    If an assignment exists, you enter the Business Object Repository. You will find more information about the Business Object Repository in the WF - SAP Business Workflow documentation.

    You can also switch from the graphic display to the Business Object Repository. To do this, select a data model and choose Goto ® Object type.

    Display mode

    If no assignment exists, an error message is displayed.

    Maintenance mode

    If no assignment exists and the check box Business object was clicked, you will create a business object in the following. Otherwise you will generate an object type.

  3. In the Goto menu, select the option Object type.
  4. In the subsequent dialog box, confirm the creation of the object.
  5. In the next dialog box, enter the definition of the object.

The name and the short text of the object should correspond to the name and short text of the data model.