Graphics: changing the settings

A number of graphics functions that do not affect the contents of the database are collected together under the menu option Settings. These settings apply only to the current graphic and cannot be stored.

You will find information here on the following menu options:

  • Header
  • Select (type)
  • Select (objects)
  • Adjust automatically
  • Change partitioning
  • Change sequence
  • Movability on/off

Select (objects)

You can specify here which objects in the graphic are to be selectable (nodes, links, frames).


You can make these settings under this menu option:

  • Activate a header for graphic and print output
  • Activate a header for print output only
  • Deactivate a header for graphic and print output
  • Change a header

Adjust automatically

This menu option allows you to activate or deactivate automatic adjustment.

If automatic adjustment is activated, the layout mechanism is activated each time a change is made to the graphic. With each change that is made, the layout with respect to the positioning of the nodes and the paths taken by the links is optimized.

Change partitioning

You can specify here how the inner frames are to be partitioned in maintain mode.

Change sequence

You can specify here the sequence of the areas (display, navigation, and insertion area) to be used in maintain mode. Proceed as follows:

Movability on/off

This function allows you to activate or deactivate the movability of all entity types. You can switch on this function, for example, if you wish to change the layout of the graphic manually for printing purposes.

Color assignment...

Under this menu option you can assign colors to the various areas of the graphics window.

How to...

change the settings in the graphics function

You cannot save the positions here. (For information on positioning entity types in data models, see Graphics: positioning mode.)

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