The structure

typedef struct {

   void * name;
   unsigned nlen;
   unsigned type;
   unsigned leng;
   ITAB_H ithandle;
   RFC_ITMODE itmode;
   int newitab;

provides RFC tables. It describes tables parameters of the interface of a function module.

This structure is defined in SAPRFC.H.


  • name

name of the table (in the interface of the function)

  • nlen

length of the name (should be strlen(name))

  • type

data type of the lines of the table

  • leng

length of a row in bytes

  • ithandle

table handle ITAB_H, i.e. the address of the control structure of the internal table
This is an input field at
RfcCall and an output field at RfcGetData.

  • itmode

mode ( RFC_ITMODE)

This table has to be received either by ‘call by reference’ or by ‘call by value’ (only for RfcGetData, has no effect in RfcCall).

  • newitab

If the value after RfcGetData is not 0, the table was created by RfcGetData. This is for internal use only. This field must not be modified between RfcGetData and RfcSendData.