This structure provides options for a connection to an SAP system.

typedef struct {
   char * hostname;
   int sysnr;
   char * gateway_host;
   char * gateway_service;

This structure is defined in SAPRFC.H.


·        hostname

host name of target system

Host names can be regular host names defined in a ‘hosts’ file, an IP address like or a saprouter address as /H/hostname/S/port/H/host/S/port/...

·        sysnr

system number (0-99)

This is the number by which the target system is identified. In general, this is 0.

·        gateway_host

gateway hostname

If the pointer is NULL, the gateway is assumed to run at ‘hostname’.

·        gateway_service

gateway service

If the pointer is NULL, the service “sapgw##” with ## = ‘sysnr’ is assumed.