Before transferring data with the extended functions, you must add all parameters and tables to the parameter stack.

Both calling and called programs must add table parameters to the stack, since tables are both exported and imported. To do this, use the function:

unsigned TableNo,
void * name,
unsigned nlen,
unsigned type,
unsigned leng,
ITAB_H ithandle);

Function Parameters:

  • Pspace

Address of the stack space area.

  • TableNo

Index for the parameter in the table stack space.

  • name, nlen

type, leng

These fields have the same meanings as the corresponding RFC_PARAMETER fields. (See ItInsLine)

  • ithandle

Table handle. (Corresponds to the itab_h field in the RFC_TABLE structure.) Each table parameter must have a table handle: if you are initiating an RFC call, call ItCreate to create a handle. (See ItCreate)

Remember to allocate the stack space with RfcAllocParamSpace before calling RfcAddTable.