The function

RFC_RC  SAP_API   RfcIndirectCall(RFC_HANDLE               handle,
                                      char *                function,
                                      RFC_PARAMETER *       exporting,
                                      RFC_TABLE *           tables,
                                      RFC_TID               tid);

calls a function module in the SAP System indirectly.

With this function, the call of a function module in the SAP system will use the transactional RFC interface.

Importing parameters are not supported.

If an error occurs (almost only communication errors), the RFC client program has to reconnect to the SAP system later and repeat this RFC call with the specific TransID. It must not create a new TransID via RfcCreateTransID.

This function is defined in SAPRFC.H.

Function Parameters:

·        handle

connection handle

·        function

function module to call

·        exporting

‘exporting’ parameters

·        tables

‘tables’ parameters

·        tid

corresponding transaction-ID

See also RfcCreateTransID and RFC_TID.