The ItCreate routine creates an internal table. That is, it creates a control structure for an internal table, and allocates table space for the size and shape you request. The syntax is:

ITAB_H ItCreate(char * name,
unsigned leng,
unsigned occu,
unsigned memo);

This function is defined in SAPITAB.H.

Return Values:

  • returns handle to a table control structure ( ITAB_H), if successful
  • ITAB_NULL if there is not enough memory available

Function Parameters:

  • name

name of the internal table (null-terminated string) which is used to identify the table when tracing

  • leng

line length for the internal table

  • occu

occurs-value for internal table (amount of lines being allocated when first appending a line to the table)

  • memo

Only use heap memory for allocating table lines. This field is for internal use only. Set the parmeter to 0.