The ItCpyLine routine copies the contents of the row into the destination area. The length of the copy operation is implicitly assumed as the size of one row. Memory must be supplied by the caller, no check is done. The row must not be updated. The syntax is:

int SAP_API ItCpyLine(ITAB_H itab, unsigned line, void* dest)

The corresponding ABAP operation is Read Table...Index...

This function is defined in SAPITAB.H.

Return Values:

  • 0


  • -1

line does not exist

Function Parameter:

  • itab

handle of an internal table

  • line

number of the desired row (row numbers start with 1, similar to Sy-Tabix in ABAP)

  • dest

pointer to destination area

See also ItGetLine and ItPutLine.