This call is used by the server program to identify the RFC function to be performed, and the name of the function is returned:

RFC_RC  SAP_API   RfcGetName(RFC_HANDLE handle,
  RFC_FUNCTIONNAME functionname);

Besides using RfcDispatch, it is also possible to receive RFC calls directly. The function RfcGetName must therefore be used to get the name of the called function. The calling program then has to determine the interface of the requested function module and to receive the parameters as within a function being installed via RfcInstallFunction.

The server program will wait for the next RFC requests in register mode (see RfcAccept).

This function is defined in SAPRFC.H.

Return Values:

·        returns RFC_OK or

·        returns RFC_FAILURE

Function Parameters:

Function parameters:

·        handle

RFC connection handle

·        functionname

output parameter, name of the called function module (RFC_FUNCTIONNAME)

See also RfcDispatch, RfcInstallFunction, RfcGetData and RfcSendData.

RfcGetName is obsolete and exists only for reasons of compatibility.

A server program that uses this RFC call can only be tested completely by using transaction sm59 from an SAP system with the SAP .