int  SAP_API   RfcGetAttributes(RFC_HANDLE handle,
  RFC_ATTRIBUTES*  rfc_attributes);

This call returns some information about an RFC connection, such as host name, service of the connected application server and SAP gateway, the SAP system number, client, user and language.

RfcGetAttributes can be used in an RFC client or server program.

The RFC library can only know these attributes after this RFC connection is established and at least one RFC function is called. Therefore, it should be called after an RfcReceive in an RFC client program or after RfcGetData in an RFC server program.

Return Values:

·        returns 0 if no error occurred and 1 elsewhere

Function Parameters:

·        handle

connection handle

·        rfc_attributes

structure RFC_ATTRIBUTES describing some information about this RFC connection

See the delivered files saprfc.hlp, saprfc.h, srfctest.c or srfcserv.c for more details.