Extended Remote Function Calls

  • RfcAddExportParam

adds export parameters to the stack.

  • RfcAddImportParam

adds import parameters to the stack.

  • RfcAddTable

adds table parameters to the stack.

  • RfcAllocParamSpace

allocates stack space.

  • RfcCallExt

sends a call request and returns after sending the call request..

  • RfcCallReceiveExt

makes an RFC call and receives return vaues (it waits until it receives an answer before returning).

  • RfcOpenExt

opens an RFC connection.

  • RfcOpenExtV3

opens an RFC connection.

  • RfcFreeParamSpace

frees stack space.

  • RfcGetDataExt

gets incoming parameter values when the function is being called.

  • RfcReceiveExt

receives return values from an RFC call.

  • RfcSendDataExt

sends the result parameters back to the caller.

  • RfcInstallFunctionExt

installs a function to be callable as RFC function module for Windows 3.x (16-Bit).