The SAP System offers a variety of utilities for performing administrative tasks.


This chapter covers those system monitoring functions that have not already been described in a separate chapter.


These utilities include the following:

·        System messages

With Administration ® System Administration ® Administration ® System messages (transaction SM02), you can send messages to all users who are logged on to an SAP system.

For more information, see Sending System Messages.

·        ABAP Short Dumps

If you choose Administration ® System Administration ® Monitor ® Dump Analysis (transaction SM21), you can display the dump summaries generated if an ABAP program terminates abnormally.

·        Status

If you choose System ® Status, you can display the current status of the session in which you are active.

The status information includes the transaction of a function. You can enter the transaction at the OK prompt as a "fast path" to the function. You can also use the transaction if you wish to lock a function with Tcode administration.

·        Transaction Administration

If you choose Administration ® System Administration ® Administration ® Transaction Code Administration, you can lock or unlock transactions."Transactions" are the programs that lie behind the functions in the menus.

Locking a transaction immediately prevents users from carrying out the function represented by the transaction.

For example, locking Transaction SA38 (ABAP reporting) prevents users from running reports.

·        Number Range Buffer

If you choose Administration ® System Administration ® Administration ® Monitor ® Number Range Buffer, you can display status information on this buffer. The information is useful if you wish to tune the buffer.


SAP Number Range Buffer

Number Ranges