Program sapcpe


Program sapcpe ensures automatic adjustment of locally installed executables, if changes have been made to the executables on the central instance.


Program sapcpe does the following:

·        Copies/links (UNIX only the executables for the first time from the central directory into the local directory.

As of Release 7.00 directories can also be synchronized, that is, the directories entered in the sapcpe copy lists are synchronized recursively. Directories and their contents can also be deleted locally. This is done when these directories are no longer available in the central directory of executables.
For this reason, under UNIX the user is not allowed to synchronize sapcpe and therefore this directory.

Note that the local directories could get deleted if the directoreis are synchronized using sapcpe.

·        By default all executables are copied.
UNIX: For which executables a soft link is created is specified in sapcpeft.

·        It checks that the local executables are up to date at each startup of an SAP instance that uses local executables. sapcpe checks the local executables against the central directory. It copies new executables whose date or size has changed.

This feature of SAPCPE makes it unnecessary to distribute executables by hand after installing a n SAP release or upgrade. To update your distributed SAP system, you only need to restart the SAP instances that are set up for the automatic adjustment.

If sapcpe finds any of the following files in the central executables directory, then it copies only the executables that are listed in these files into the local directory:

instance.lst, instancedb.lst, tools.lst, inhouse.lst, frontend.lst, dbclient.lst, igsexe.lst.

Which files are copied or linked to is determined in the configuration file sapcpeft.

If none of the above-mentioned list files is available, sapcpe copies or links all the files defined in the configuration file sapcpeft.
This list contains the executables necessary for an SAP instance to operate normally. All of the executables in this list are copied according to the attribute in the local directory.