Monitor IDoc Inbound Queue


If you receive IDocs by qRFC, this function can monitor the inbound queue and react to any errors which occur.


You post inbound IDocs with qRFC.


This monitoring function displays the elements in the inbound queue:

·         Display sender

·         Selected queues

·         IDoc number

·         IDoc status

·         Link to IDoc display

You can make the following changes to a queue:

·         Flag IDocs for deletion

·         Delete IDocs from the queue

·         Start a queue


  1. Choose Tools  ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration ® Monitoring ® Troubleshooting ® Monitor IDoc Inbound Queue (transaction WEINQUEUE), to go to the inbound queue monitoring.
  2. Select the IDocs or queues which you want to monitor, using the specified selection parameters.
  3. If an IDoc in a queue has an error status, select it and go to its detail view with the Display IDoc button, to determine the cause of the error, and resolve it.
  4. If you cannot correct an IDoc with error status, you can delete it from the queue with the Delete IDoc from Queue button.
  5. To edit a queue, select the queue name and choose Start Queue.