Checking Partners by Partner Type


While you are editing the partner profiles, the system checks whether master data exists for the specified partner or whether the specified partner is of one of the following types

·        SAP user (partner type US)

·        Bank

·        Logical system

The check programs and access programs for the individual partner types are stored in this table. Check routines for all partner types are supplied with the standard system.


You maintain the programs in the ALE customizing transaction SALE ® Model and Implement Business Processes ® Partner Profiles ® Edit Partner Types (WE44).

Enter the following parameters if you wish to change the default check routines or create new partner types:

·        Partner type (for example KU for customer, LI for vendor, US for SAP user)

·        Report (for example RSETESTP)

·        Form routine (for example READ_KNA1 - customer master record is read)