Schedule Monitoring Job (Example)


The following refers to the example in the section Active monitoring . The active monitoring report is to be started as a background job every morning at 8am, to evaluate the IDocs which were received between 8am and 6pm on the previous day.


  1. Enter the RSEIDOCA report in the BAP Editor, select Variants, and choose Display.
  2. Give your variant a name and choose Create.
  3. Enter the following parameters:
    • Recipient type: US (user)
    • Recipient of notification, for example SMITH
    • Start time or End time before batch run: 1 Day and 0 Days 14:00:00h
    • Critical number of IDocs: 0
    • Status: 51 , 56 and 64
    • Logical message type: ORDERS
    • Partner parameter (here sender): <corresponding values from the partner profiles of the customer>
  1. Choose Continue to enter a short text for your variant. Save your entries.
  2. To schedule your job as a background job, choose System ® Services ® Jobs ® Job Definition and enter B (medium priority for periodic jobs) as the job class.
  3. Select Start condition and enter a date and 08:00 as the start time.
  4. Choose Execute job periodically.
  5. Choose Period values ® Daily and save your entries.

Enter the scheduled report again when saving (RSEIDOCA) and the variant that you maintained.


IDocs selected during the daily run of the background job will now be:

  • Those which were received between 8 am and 6 pm on the previous day
  • Those which have the logical message type ORDERS
  • Those received from the relevant customer

An IDoc from status 51 , 56 or 64 must be assigned now to ensure that a notification is sent to the user SMITH.