IDoc Display


This report generates a list of individual IDocs or, if you have restricted your selection to one IDoc using the available selection criteria, the report displays the relevant IDoc (for example, if you select only one IDoc number as a selection criterion).


The IDoc display is under SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration ® Monitoring  ® IDoc Display ® Display.

Multiple IDocs

If a list of IDocs is displayed, double-click on the corresponding entry to access an individual IDoc.

A traffic light shows whether the current status is success or error, or a decision has not yet been made and further processing is required (yellow). You can change the assignment of traffic lights to the Status groups in the transaction WELI. See also: Edit Status Groups

Individual IDocs

General information

The individual IDoc is displayed as a tree structure. The initial node is the IDoc number. The control record, data and status records are displayed as subnodes. You can expand nodes and display individual records. You only have to click on data records.

By choosing Displaying Relationships from the Object Services you can display the objects that are already linked with the IDoc, for example, application documents or the corresponding IDoc in the partner system in ALE distribution.

Control record

The control record displays, for example, the “letter header” (sender and recipient), direction and IDoc type. You can edit the control record in Exception Handling (Control record ® Control/Change, see also the corresponding paragraph in the data records).

Data records

In the case of the data records, the segment name (E1 structures for SAP segments), segment number and short text are displayed. In the case of qualified segments, the “qualifier” is displayed (the value which determines the significance of the segment).

In the case of segment E1EDKA1 (document header partner information), the qualifier PARVW = “SH” means that the partner specified in the segment has the function of the goods recipient, while the partner function of the sold-to party is defined as PARVW = “SP”. The qualifier is the first field in a qualified segment.

If you want to edit an incorrect IDoc in Exception Handling, choose Data record ® Display/Change in the detail screen (double-click on  symbol for the corresponding data record).  You can now change all the fields. When saving, your IDoc assumes the new status 69 (IDoc edited) and you can then send it for  inbound processing again. The original is saved as a new IDoc with the status 70 (original of an IDoc, which was edited) in the database.

Status records

In the case of status records, the individual status values (status) are displayed with a short text. In the case of Port type "tRFC" and status 03 the unique transaction ID which is assigned to the tRFC is displayed. If the application writes an error log, the ID of the log is also displayed and can be used to access the log (Goto ® Application log). This allows you to display more detailed error information than the data in the status records.