IDoc Statistics


The IDocs are sorted for statistical purposes by processing status. The categories shown in the table below are used here. Only those IDocs whose status has change within a defined period are selected.

IDoc statistics error categories





Error resolved

Error resolved

Flagged for deletion

Flagged for deletion

By double-clicking on individual groups you can see more details: When you double-click on an error category, for example, the list of relevant IDocs is displayed and when you double-click on an individual IDoc, a tree structure of the IDoc is displayed.


The following selection criteria are available on the tab pages for statistics:

·        Standard offer

Here you can define a time interval for the status changes and set the following indicators:

Ў        Error history

If this indicator is set, the IDocs with an error status and when this was is given. The status records are also evaluated.

Ў        Test IDoc evaluation

If this indicator is set, the system outputs which IDocs were generated with a test tool. This test status was written for all IDocs that were generated in an SAP Release from 4.6A using the transactions WE19, WE12 or WE16.

·        Detail selection

Here you can determine additional restrictions such as the message type.


Start the statistics with SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration ® Monitoring ®IDoc Display ® Statistics. From here you can branch to the individual analyses.