Test: Inbound Processing: Original Inbound File


This program reads an inbound file and sends the file for inbound processing. If all data has been successfully read, the file is deleted.


You require a correct inbound file. In this case, correct means that the:

·        Sender and recipient in the control record are correct

·        Direction in the control record is set to 2 (inbound)

·        Client in the control record and data records are correct or empty

The sender port must be recognized by the receiving system. The port must therefore be maintained as a port of type “File” in the port definition for the IDoc Interface. The entry for the inbound file must also be given here.


The program reads the IDoc(s) from the inbound file and sends them for standard inbound processing (with processing within the application).

The file is deleted after being read successfully!


Start the test program with SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Test ® Inbound ® Inb. Orig. Inb.File (WE16) and pass the following data:

·        Inbound port

·        Name and directory of the file

These entries overwrite the standard values, which you have stored in IDoc Administration using the test port.