Test: Outbound Processing from IDoc


This test program selects one or more outbound IDocs and forwards them to the external system. You can choose the IDocs according to various criteria (for example, recipient or business message).


You require outbound IDocs which were generated without errors (no error status). The partner profiles, therefore, must be maintained completely.

Outbound processing must stop when the outbound IDocs have been generated to allow the test program to intervene. You can check this by setting the output mode to “Collect IDocs” in the partner profile for the IDoc Interface. If you now generate an outbound IDoc for the partner (for example, using the application or the test tool), the IDoc is only generated in the SAP System and is not forwarded to the external system. This test program, therefore, is simply used to start a selection run which retrieves your IDoc(s) and sends them to the external system. The program is report RSEOUT00, which is also generally scheduled with the output mode “Collect IDocs” in live operation.


You start the test program by choosing SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Test ® Outbound ® Outbound from IDoc (WE14).

You can decide whether the output mode is set to “Start subsystem” or “Do not start subsystem” in the partner profile. This defines whether the external (sub) system processes the IDocs further.