Test: Outbound Processing from MC


Use this test program if you have chosen the Message Control module and want to test generation of an outbound IDoc from an existing message status record (table NAST).


You must be able to post the application documents which are to be converted into IDocs by the Message Control module correctly so that a message status record can be generated. In the case of the Materials Management (MM) and Sales and Distribution (SD) components, the following entries are required:

·        Customer or vendor records

·        Material records

·        Info records

·        MC condition record: The output medium 6 (for EDI) must be entered here. The condition records are maintained as “messages” from the respective application.

The appropriate file ports and partner profiles must exist in the IDoc Interface.

Outbound processing must be stopped when the message status record has been generated to allow the test program to intervene. To do so, you must set the Message Control dispatch time to “1” (output with selection run) in the corresponding condition record in the application. This test program, therefore, is simply used to start a selection run which retrieves the Message Control records and sends them for further outbound processing. The program is report RSNAST00, which is also generally scheduled with dispatch time 1 in live operation.


Once the application document has been posted, outbound processing stops after the message status record has been generated and is triggered again by the test program. Choose SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Test ® Outbound ® Outbound from MC.

Errors are stored in the Message Control processing log (document header) and in the status records of the IDocs. The status records, however, are only available if the IDoc was successfully generated.