Outbound Test Tool: Procedure

1. When you have completed your IDoc, choose Standard outbound. If you have chosen a valid port, the port and port type are displayed for you to check.

2. Decide if you want to start outbound processing immediately: The IDocs will then be transferred to the port (status 03), regardless of what is in the partner profiles. If you do not configure the test indicator, the status of the IDocs remains 30 in the database, again independent of the settings in the partner profiles. You can also send several copies of your IDoc (repetition factor).

If you want to pass the IDocs, which you stored in status 30 with the test tool in the database, on to the port, use Test: Outbound Processing from IDoc The advantage is that the settings then take effect in the partner profiles. In particular, a receiving system is also triggered when the file port is used, if that is defined in the partner profiles.

3. Choose to start the outbound processing.