Defining a Partner (Direct Inbound Processing)


You must have completed the required steps in Defining and Using a Basic Type .


The new basic type must be entered in the partner profiles before being used. In inbound processing, define the new process code for inbound processing and exception handling for the basic type.

For more information about the procedure, see: Partner Profiles in the Standard Dialog


In the example, you should maintain the following fields in the inbound partner profiles (general header entries must exist):



Partner number


Partner type


Partner function


Message type


Permitted agent

Your SAP user, type US (individual user), language EN

Process code


Consider the following graphic, which shows what you have defined and the subsequent effect on inbound processing.

The key fields are shown in gray with the assignments made by the SAP system indicated by arrows. The field definitions shown here result from development of the new basic type and its imbedding in inbound processing. Since you cannot configure the client, this key field is not shown here.

Fields and assignments in inbound processing