Testing Outbound Processing


You must have completed the required steps in:

·        Extending an IDoc Type (if you have extended a basic type) or

·        Defining and Using a New Basic Type (if you have defined a new basic type)


The IDoc is generated from the application. If you have configured the Dispatch Time as “1” in the condition record for outbound processing under Message Control (MC), only the MC record is generated. You can test the MC record using the program Test from MC

In the example, create a purchase order (transaction ME21 or ME21N). The recipient is TESTVEND, you are ordering a material from the material master. In the condition record (processing in the SAP purchasing transaction: Header ® Messages) you have selected dispatch time 4 (processing via additional specifications), that is, the IDoc is generated immediately. In segment Z1TEST1 it shows the value “Europe“ in field CONTINENT: You can check this using IDoc Display.