Defining a Basic Type


You have authorization to create development objects and transport requests.



       1.      Choose SAP menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Development ® IDoc ® Generate ALE Interface ® IDoc Types (WE30). The initial screen of the IDoc type editor is displayed.

       2.      Enter a name for the basic type and select Basic type as the development object. Choose . From the following screen, choose for example, Create new. Enter a description and choose .

       3.      Position the cursor on the header and choose .

The attribute maintenance dialog box is displayed.

       4.      Enter a segment. Enter both the maximum and minimum number and select Mandatory segment. The segment now appears as the first segment in the new basic type.

       5.      Create the other segments accordingly, at the same level or as child segments.

       6.      Save your basic type.

You should assign all your development objects (segments, IDoc type, function group, and so on) for IDoc types to the same package, so that the transport properties are identical.


You have now defined a new basic type. Although not released, you can still test and work with the segment type. You should only release the basic type after you have tested the processing successfully.

In the example, your IDoc type is called TESTER01 and has the following structure (all mandatory segments, maximum number = minimum number = 1):