Converting Data between Sender and Recipient


The Data Conversion between Sender and Recipient Set-Up tool maps field contents from a sender to a recipient field. You can then distribute organizational units, measurement units or customer-specific field contents from one system to another.

It is a general tool for defining and maintaining rules in ALE.


You can only use this tool if you use the Web Application Server (SAP_BASIS) with SAP application components.


In the ALE implementation guide (IMG) choose:

Transaction SALE ® IDoc Interface/Application Link Enabling (ALE) ® Model and Implement Business Processes ® Set-Up Conversion between Sender and Recipient

Proceed as follows:


       1.      Create rule: The rules are defined per segment.

       2.      Maintain rule: Rule maintenance specifies conversion rules at field level.

       3.      Assign rule to a message type: The assignment specifies when the rule is to be applied. This is sender/recipient and message type specific.

Further Information

See also the documentation of the individual work steps in the IMG.