Check Distribution Model


This check determines whether the message flow from and to the specified partners is unambiguous. It also checks whether the partner profiles have been maintained for each message flow.

The message types and BAPIs in the partner profiles are output (or which BAPIs have been specified for synchronous calls, but are not in the distribution model).

You can go to transactions ‚Maintain Distribution Model’ (transaction code BD64), Assign RFC Dest. to Log. Systems (BD97) and Partner Profiles (WE20).



       1.      Choose SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration ® Services ® Customizing Data ® ALE Basis Customizing Data ® ALE Basis Customizing Data Check Center (transaction code BDCCC)

       2.      Choose Check Distribution Model from the list of checks

       3.      Choose  in the Execute column, to perform the check.


You get a list of all relevant messages.