This transaction converts the logical system names. It is a two-step procedure: Test and Live; processing is synchronous.

Both steps are logged.


·       You have transported or distributed the conversion matrix into the system in which the conversion is to be made.

·       You can only start the live conversion when the test has been completed successfully.

This step only converts tables which belong to the software component NetWeaver (SAP_BASIS).


1.       Choose SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration ® Services ® Customizing Data ® ALE Basis Customizing Data ® Convert ALE Basis Customizing Data ® Convert (transaction code BDLST)

2.       The conversion matrix which you specified for this system, appears.

       Choose Start Test Run.

3.       Examine the conversion log and resolve any errors

4.       Start the live conversion.

5.       If error occue in the live conversion, you must resolve them.

6.       Restart the conversion procedure.


When all conversion procedures have been performed without errors, the conversion is finished.