Edit Status Groups


IDocs are assigned to a Status Group, depending on their processing status (e.g. status group 2 = Outgoing: IDoc Ready to Send).

In the IDoc display, these status groups are divided into 3 categories (successful, error or not yet processed), represented by green, red and yellow traffic lights respectively. You can change the assignment of status groups to traffic light colors in the transaction Edit Status Groups.



       1.      To edit status groups, choose the ALE Customizing transaction SALE ® Set-Up System Monitoring ® Set-Up IDoc Status Display ® Edit Status Groups (WELI).

       2.      Choose  or Table View ® Display/Change.

       3.      You can change the group status (successful/error/not yet processed) in the Traffic Light Code column.

       4.      Save your entries.


The traffic light color green (code 2) is assigned to the status group 3 (Outgoing: Sending IDoc). You want to change the traffic light code for this status group to 1 (yellow).