Workflow Connection for ALE Functions


 If an ALE send error occurs, the staff responsible is informed. The staff must be assigned to an organizational unit , and it must be specified which organizational unit, position or member of staff responsible for processing which errors.

Organizational units are components of the company organizational structure. The organizational structure comprises organizational units and their inter-relationships. It also contains positions, which can be linked to the organizational units and their owners (persons, members of staff, users). For further information, see the documentation of the Business Management (SAP Business Workflow and organizational management).

In this section, you specify the organizational structure of your company (if you have not already done so), and link elements to tasks.

SAP delivers default error handling tasks. The link causes a message to be sent to the persons responsible if an error occurs. Link default tasks for the following error cases:

·         Technical errors,

·         Syntax errors,

·         Application posting errors (for all message types).


Before you can use the ALE function workflow connection, you must make the workflow settings in ALE customizing (transaction SALE).


·      Assign the default task "ALE/EDI: Error Handling (Incoming)" to the organizational unit "Sales".

·      Specify, for example, Mr. Miller from "Sales" for communication with the logical system "K11CLNT005" (dec. Sales "South"), in the partner profile.

·      If an error occurs when posting a Sales "South" IDoc, Mr. Miller receives a task (work item) in his inbox.

Default Settings

SAP delivers default error handling tasks without links.

The ALE business process library tells you which default tasks you must link for each ALE business process.

You must link these default tasks according to your ALE business process. (For example you must link the tasks for "ORDERS incoming error" and "ORDCHG incoming error" for the customer order, for the SD business process in Sales.)


1.       Perform the function ‚Create/Change Organizational Structure’ in the SAP Business Workflow, and create a new organizational unit or change an existing one.

2.       Position the cursor on an organizational unit and choose Staff Assignments.

3.       Position the cursor on the organizational unit and choose Create Position, to create a new position for the organizational unit. Repeat the action until you have assigned all positions to the organizational unit.

4.       Position the cursor on a position and choose Assign Occupant, to assign a new user as occupant of the position. Repeat the action until you have assigned all occupants to the position.

5.       To assign default tasks to an organizational unit or position, position the cursor on the entity and choose Task Profile.

6.       Position the cursor at the position to which you want to assign the default task, and choose Assign Task. Specify the default task.

Always link the following default tasks:

-          ErrorProcOut     ALE/EDI: Error Handling (Outgoing)   TS00007989

-          ErrorProcInb      ALE/EDI: Error Handling (Incoming)   TS00008086

-          SynErrorOut      ALE/EDI: Syntax Error (Outgoing)     TS00008070

-          SynErrorInb       ALE/EDI: Syntax Error (Incoming)     TS00008074

-          ErrorMessage Send Error Messages       TS30000020

-          IDocpaket IDoc package outgoing error    TS60001307

The automatic consistency check triggers error events for the following default task if it finds Inconsistencies. If you use the automatic consistency check, you must also link this default task:

-          AleLinkTech      ALELINK: Technical consistency check TS40007916

The default tasks for application posting error which are delivered by SAP usually have the message-specific name '<message type>_error'.

For IDocs generated from BAPIs, the following default task, for which a link is also required, is triggered if an error occurs:

-          BAPI_IDOC_ER BAPI-IDoc incoming error           TS20000051

The default task ALEResendErr is used for errors which occur when forwarding IDocs to an R/2 system.

·         Repeat the steps 5 and 6 until you have assigned all required default tasks.


For further information about the ALE workflow connection, see:

·         Error and status processing